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Emirates Creative organizes the Great Student competition for UAE University

05 Aug, 2019

Emirates Creative Events Management Company implemented the Great Student Competition that organized by the United Arab Emirates University during March and April 2019. A large number of students from all faculties and departments of the University participated at the Competition; and it was held in the presence of Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayli, Director of the UAE University; and prominent personalities and faculty members. The competition -which lasted for six weekly sessions- was attended by 320 talented students in the fields of art and literature, and they competed for the title of the second season of the Great Student Competition at UAEU. The competition is organized by the Student Affairs and Registration Sector for UAEU students, and it is a golden opportunity for talented students to develop their creative ideas, and give them the opportunity to discover and develop their talents and create an environment for investing these talents in various fields. Emirates Creative has taken over all organizational, logistical and supervisory matters and has succeeded in delivering outstanding work that the company is proud of and hopes to be a springboard for other notable events in collaboration with the esteemed UAE University.